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Since Castelli Real Estate Services doors opened in 2004, our integrity, quality and passion for real estate has propelled our business into the largest independent real estate company in South Florida. We began as an office in Fort Lauderdale, and quickly multiplied into four offices covering the Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale Beach.

If you walk through our doors, dial our number or shoot us an email, we want to talk to you. With nearly 60 combined years of expertise, we list, buy, sell and lease a wide range of residential and commercial properties that are compatible with your wants and needs. From commercial development, condominium construction and property resales to townhouses and single family homes, Castelli Real Estate Services will cover all of your real estate needs.

Often times, many real estate companies are large corporate institutions. Castelli Real Estate Services provides a local, intimate service where the owners and brokers are fully accessible and more than happy to speak with you, one on one.

With over 100 agents on staff, Castelli Real Estate Services prides themselves on their dedication to immediately responding to any concerns that might arrive for clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With long standing affiliations to multiple REALTOR ® associations, co-owner John Castelli, alongside Jason Johnson, Steve David, and Domenic Faro hold themselves and their agents to a higher standard of service. We proudly display the code of ethics on our website and in our interactions with clients from all walks of life.

At Castelli Real Estate Services, a large share of our business comes from referrals because our work is LITERALLY speaking for itself. From property pros to real estate virgins, we tend to everyone’s needs with all the care in the world. Trust Castelli Real Estate Services with your business, and let us be the first ones to tell you, “Welcome Home”.

Castelli Real Estate Service Partners
John Castelli
John Castelli GRI, E-PRO, SFR

REALTOR ® isn’t just slated across John Castelli’s calling card; it’s encoded in his DNA. John Castelli comes from a long line of REALTORS ®, starting with his grandfather who created Castelli Real Estate Service in Chicago, Illinois in 1919. Grandfather Castelli was a revolutionary, having the first real estate agency to hire women. With the first large electric sign in Chicago flashing above his business and a bustling fleet of cabs ready to pick up prospective clients and show them property, Castelli Real Estate Service was nothing short of enterprising. John Castelli and partner Jason Johnson resurrected the family legacy with Castelli Real Estate Services nearly eight decades later in 2004.

Castelli has followed in the footsteps of both his father and grand-father, working hard to provide clients with a great experience. With 12 years of real estate under his belt, Castelli is dedicated to honing his craft while lending his knowledge and abilities to others. Castelli has served as a member of the board of directors for the REALTOR ® Association of Fort Lauderdale, and has also served on the board of directors for the Florida Association of REALTORS ®, presiding over 130,000 members. Castelli is not only in the business of buying and selling homes, but he makes it his business to give his time to those who have fallen on hard times.

As the Vice President and Trustee of the RAGFL Charitable foundation for his board of REALTORS ®, they financially assist people that are in immediate crisis. Castelli also pours hours of his free time into Sunserve, a non-for-profit community foundation that provides the elderly with a daycare center, medical services and recreational activities. When he’s not working or volunteering, he collaborates with Government Affairs, Grievance Committee and the Communications Committee, giving every ounce of his energy to enrich his community.

Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson got into the real estate business for two reasons: he likes feeling the freedom of owning his own business and loves feeling the gratification of helping others get a piece of their dreams. Johnson got his real estate license around the same time as John Castelli. The first leg of his career started at Arvida real estate, where both he and Castelli began to dig their heels into the industry. Johnson and Castelli jumped from Arvida to Remax real estate, where they continued to develop their clientele until they went into business for themselves officially in 2004 with Castelli Real Estate Services.

Johnson embraces the unpredictability of waking up to the same business, where something different happens everyday. He is transparent and honest with each client, earning their trust while working within their means. Johnson walks clients through all the possibilities, discussing what is closed and what is recent. More importantly, he refuses to give clients a false sense of unexpected closing costs or inflation of market value, so there are no surprises at the end of the transaction. Johnson has also served on the Community Appearance Board of Fort Lauderdale, on the MLS committee for the Board of Real estate, and is currently serving on the international real estate council. But regardless his many obligations, for the last 12 years of his life, Johnson’s primary focus is getting keys in a new home owner’s hands.

Steven David
Steven David, CRB, CRS, GRI, MB

Steven David is no novice to the world of real estate. Before he became a senior partner at Castelli Real Estate Services, he began selling and investing in property in 1974. With over 100 million dollars worth of residential real estate sold, he catapulted himself to the number one salesperson at CENTURY 21 Real Estate in Florida. He has managed or owned over 600 properties over the last 30 years. In 1992, he served as the president for the Fort Lauderdale Association of REALTORS ® and was named “REALTOR ® of the Year” in 1993. He has been a director of the Florida Association of REALTORS ® for over a decade, and is a frequent speaker at their state convention.

David’s success allowed him to branch out and pursue a multitude of career opportunities, including consulting. David initially joined with John Castelli and Jason Johnson to be their consultant, but he quickly became an indispensable component to the Castelli Real Estate Services family. Today, in addition to his regular duties performed for the agency, he personally coaches five agents at a time from the Castelli Real Estate Services family, imparting his invaluable knowledge over the course of six weeks. Along with coaching, the most fulfilling part of David’s work is providing the financial management and administrative support that Castelli Real Estate Services needs. He is the piece to their puzzle that permits the company to place their energy on what they do best: listing and selling real estate.

Domenic R. Faro
Domenic R. Faro

Domenic gives a slight grin and says "when I moved to Florida, I did what everyone else does", "I got a drivers license and then a Real Estate License". As a Real Estate Broker from Massachusetts, Domenic came to Florida with plenty of experience. Certainly in Real Estate, but also in Government service as well as a business owner for many years.

Domenic founded Fort Lauderdale Real Estate in 1997 when he once shared an office with a local real estate magazine publisher. By 2002 Domenic moved his office to the Galt Mile Shops where he strategically selected an office space right next door to Dunkin Donuts. The office grew to 40 agents during those wonderful years of buying and selling and sales for Fort Lauderdale Real Estate hit nearly 100 million dollars. Pretty impressive for an independent!

Domenic, his office and his agents have a well earned and respected reputation. Domenic alludes to the most important requisite to work in his office: integrity. Domenic understands the real estate market and economics and suggest that is what led him to Castelli Real Estate Services. Since Domenic is considerate of his agents, he knew that merging with another real estate company had to be what’s right for Fort Lauderdale Real Estate and more importantly, the agents. Domenic and his company had often been suited by other companies, but Domenic felt that the Castelli Brand and its dedication to helping their agents succeed is the kind of company that would compliment Fort Lauderdale Real Estate.

Domenic has served on the Government affairs committee for a number of years (along side John Castelli). Domenic is the past President of the Cooperative Feeding Program (Lifenet 4 Families) and has made numerous contributions to help stop the hunger crises in Broward County. Domenic has been recognized and applauded by Realtor Magazine.

Born and raised in Boston, A graduate of Boston University, Domenic says his favorites have shifted a bit and has made major changes in his life; Panthers, not the Bruins, Heat, not the Celtics...Go Dolphins!

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